What makes Love so ironic..

Love is strong. A complex emotion or feeling causing one to appreciate, delight in a and crave the presence or possession of another and to please the welfare of the other.
-Webster Comprehensive Dictionary Int’I. Edition-

Love has always been an essential part of man’s life. We were all born and brought up by our parents because of love. We also sympathize and help others because of it. God sent His only Son to save us, we take good care of ourselves, a boy courts a girl and the girl starts to bloom and soon, a man and woman get married. Isn’t it all because of love?? Oops… Sorry, I almost forgot. Love also causes sorrow, frustration, guilt and to exaggerate, suicides.

For me, the most concrete and living example of love is God. He introduced it is an unconditional and faithful one. But why is it that man sticks with the love earth offers?It is usually materialistic, temporary and shallow. We might delight being in love and be loved in some ways yet many of these are superficial and we would just end up hurt and broken.

I have never concluded that there is no sincere man in this world. Many just got confused with the real meaning of infatuation, admiration, crush and love and sometimes people were even confused on whom they should love. Teenagers like us often spend our deep nights crying and wounded and without realizing that the particular person we are crying for deserves the tears we are shedding. If that person hurt you, you would rather make him realize that he/she has done a thing to regret soon instead of hurting yourself even more. Some dreamt of dying because of great depression. Whoa! Those were some of the heart-over-matter scenarios of teenagers. Some just do it because of fervor without thinking of the fact that a boyfriend-girlfriend thing is quite a minor problem to deal with during high school days. This is where puppy love enters. At our age, very few take these kind of relationship so seriously.

I didn’t write this essay for you to lose hope or have misconceptions. Loving doesn’t just involve the person you love. It basically includes you. So every time you have decided of cheating the one you are into a relationship, think twice or more because you are not just cheating that particular person, you are also deceiving your self. And when the time comes that everyone knows the real essence of love, life would be a more pleasurable one. For those who don’t experience falling in love yet, wanting to be in love, and trying to be in love, try to delight yourself with love first before you convey it with others. I hope this world make you ponderous and be conscious that you have to be veracious and unfeigned in saying “I Love You” because these three words have always been said yet often misunderstood….

source:”plumang pako”



1099 days: J E L L Y.

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How to Deal With Backstabbers….

They might say they’re your ‘best friends’ , but the moment your back is turned, they lie about you to others. No one wants to be hurt in this way, but how do deal with them?. Perhaps the following tips can help.

1.All backstabbers share a common denominator; they all want something from you. Whether it is money, homework, a house to trash, your computer, your style, practically anything, varies from person to person.

2.Be aware of your surroundings. If you have a bad feeling about somebody, listen to your instincts!

3.Pay attention to red flags.
If somebody betrays you, don’t trust that person again without extensive consideration.
If the other person doesn’t have friends of his or her own, there may be a reason. Perhaps other people know something that you don’t.
If someone is mean to you one minute and nice to you the next, there is definitely something wrong.
If someone is too aggressive or tries too hard to sell you on something, he or she is likely setting you up.
Trust your real friends. They’re here to help you.
Notice the other person’s work ethic. If he or she is lazy and irresponsible, stay away from the person as far as anything that requires hard work goes. If you work hard, he or she will use you in a heartbeat!

4.Notice how he treats things you care about. For instance if you really care that your room is clean, and after you’ve explained this to him he still comes over, throws his backpack on the ground, takes his shoes off in the middle of the room and so on; this means he doesn’t really care about you.

5.Try to detect from an early stage what the backstabber is interested in sucking from you.

6.If the backstabber persists in pestering you, either ignore him or tell him dispassionately that you do not want to do (insert activity here). Be polite, but extremely firm. If they detect a weakness in your firmness, they will try as hard as they can to puncture it.

Get away from these people as soon as possible and convince others not to associate with them. Just say that ‘they aren’t the best person to hang out with.’ Take care if you choose to do that.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions. If somebody seems shady in any perspective, ask them about it but pay close attention to their answers. More often than not, they will try to pull one over you.
There is a difference between friends and acquaintances. This means that even though he might be fun to talk at in classroom or at lunch, he might not be the kind of person you would like to hang out with after school.
Don’t rely on the backstabber for anything; even the tiniest of things. In this way, you will avoid situations where you owe him/her a favor. This technique takes patience, practice and goes completely against your better nature. The backstabber will get the hint and move on the next sucker/victim.
Also do not tell them any secret that you want kept hidden, as they will tell it to another one of their “friends” the moment it will gain them something.
Treat him/her like you would any other snake. Be polite when in his/her area but keep to the path, and maintain your distance.
Make sure not to reduce to his level by saying untrue and bad things about him behind his back (this is a huge no-no!) as it will only spur him to action against you.
Try to avoid revenge. This will create more problems. But if you simply have to get even, remember that the best revenge in this case would be hanging out with your best friends right in front of their face.

Never let the backstabber know that he/she has gotten to you.
Do not underestimate his power. Try not to offend or hurt him, but be merely polite and refuse him anything he asks that you are not willing to give.
Do not get angry when he backstabs you. Realize from the start it will happen eventually. Don’t form any deep relationship with him. He’ll suck you dry.
And don’t confront him, just smile knowingly and take action to prevent further damage.
Be careful when you talk to backstabbers, they might be recording you.
Don’t talk to the backstabbers friends, they could be spies.


“Dedicated to my dear so called “best friend” who I “trusted” and “respected”. But unfortunately.. He back stabbed and put me in complete misery..”you know who you are”… this article is very much closely related to the last article I posted…And now.. I distrust you now.. you have trashed the trust I had given… I thought you are a real “friend”.. but sadly… you were not… you are just an “envious” jerk who pull others down… So if you are reading this whoever you are… please leave a comment…”

Students Share the Importance of Hair…

When pop music superstar Britney Spears enbaldened herself at a Tarzana, Calif. salon last month, many media watchers and fellow celebrities were quick to categorize her actions as a cry for help or evidence of mental instability.

In a country that collectively supports a hair care industry worth $8 billion in annual sales, hair is serious business. Public response to Spears’ actions seemed to highlight the consequences of forsaking creme rinse and the feminine ideal.

Deborah Tolman, director of SF State’s Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality explained that the importance of women’s hair is a message that has been reinforced through time.

“Just look at Rapunzel,” said Tolman, a professor of human sexuality studies at SF State.

In a common version of the classic German fairytale, Rapunzel is punished for disobedience by a witch who chops off her hair and casts her into the wilderness.

Although Tolman acknowledged that appearance expectations for men are becoming an increasingly salient issue, women are generally held to a higher standard.

“It’s not just expected; it’s demanded,” Tolman said. “You are supposed to spend time on your hair.”

Tolman contends that hair care for women is not an area where society is tolerant of inconformity.

“It’s not like the decision to wear contact lenses instead of glasses,” she said. “There’s no moral imperative defining how good a woman I am if I choose to wear contacts or not.”

“We express ourselves through our hair, even if we don’t want to,” she said. “You are your hair.”

Kanako Abe, 22, is an international student from Japan studying costume design at SF State.

She wears her hair up in a loose twist with a layer of thin braids that fall over her shoulders and hang almost to her waist. She said the braids are the product of hair extensions and her own impatience.

“I want longer hair, but I can’t wait,” Abe said.

Abe said her instant long hair also brought her instant attention.

“Now people talk to me that I don’t even know. They say ‘You’re in the theater right? I recognize your braids,’” Abe explained.

Abe said she thinks there is more pressure in the United States to express femininity through your hair.

“Back in my country, girls are not like ‘I’m hot, I’m sexy.’” Abe said while pantomiming a sexpot hair toss. “Most girls have short hair. I think it’s different here. Girls and boys look at each other differently.”

Amanda Lynn, 18, theater arts major, has been experimenting with bold hair color since her first dye job at the age of eight.

“My first color was green,” she said.

Through her spectrum of color changes, she’s noticed a change in people’s perceptions of her.

“It definitely changes the way people treat me,” Lynn said.

Whether her hair is a feminine pink or a punk green, she finds her choices can push the limits of people’s tolerance.

“I’m surprised sometimes, especially here where I’m expecting people to be just a little more open-minded,” Lynn said.

Marjorie Conrad, 18, said she’s been wearing her hair short since she was 13.

“Mostly because it’s just less hassle,” she said.

But it’s not a choice without social contentions.

“I’ve been singled-out for it,” Conrad said, but brushes off comments like ‘G.I. Jane’ and ‘hippie’ with a shrug.

As a cinema major and aspiring filmmaker, Conrad seems to subscribe to a more sophisticated aesthetic.

“I like portrayals of women with short hair in film,” she said and notes the work of French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. “Like Winona Ryder in’ Alien: Resurrection.’”

Not everyone gets it though, and Conrad doesn’t think short hair is perceived as sensual.

“My boyfriends haven’t liked my hair,” Conrad said.

Conrad’s current style frames her face to just below her ears and is long for her taste.

“I’m growing it out now for my boyfriend. This bob is as long as I’ll go,” she said.

Conrad does think her short hair helps her to be taken more seriously.

“It’s more about business,” she said. But Conrad clarified, “It’s an illusion, of course, I’m probably not more businesslike than a woman with long hair.”

“You play within the stereotypes,” she added. “You can’t change the system so you pick a stereotype that suits you and mold it to your image.”


Broken ♥ …

A broken heart (or heartbreak) is a common metaphor used to describe the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one, through death, divorce, breakup, moving, being rejected, or other means. It is an extremely old and widespread metaphor, dating to at least the Indian Ramayana writings (400 BC – 200 AD).
Heartbreak is usually associated with losing a spouse or loved one, though losing a parent, child, pet, or close friend can also “break one’s heart”. The phrase refers to the physical pain one may feel in the chest as a result of the loss. Although “heartbreak” is usually a metaphor, there is a condition — appropriately known as Broken Heart Syndrome — where a traumatizing incident triggers the brain to distribute chemicals that weaken heart tissue.

For many people having a broken heart is something that may not be recognized at first, as it takes time for an emotional or physical loss to be fully acknowledged. As Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson states:
Human beings are not always aware of what they are feeling. Like animals, they may not be able to put their feelings into words. This does not mean they have no feelings. Sigmund Freud once speculated that a man could be in love with a woman for six years and not know it until many years later. Such a man, with all the goodwill in the world, could not have verbalized what he did not know. He had the feelings, but he did not know about them. It may sound like a paradox — paradoxical because when we think of a feeling, we think of something that we are consciously aware of feeling. As Freud put it in his 1915 article The Unconscious: “It is surely of the essence of an emotion that we should be aware of it. Yet it is beyond question that we can ‘have’ feelings that we do not know about.”

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